about me.

My name is Kailee.

I like coffee, taking baths, summertime, running, kids, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain (kidding, I hate the rain).

I am from the booming metropolis of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

I have just finished my degree in education. I am currently teaching Media Studies, Social Studies and Information Processing at AE Peacock Collegiate.

I know a little bit about technology from working in the computer department at Staples. I know enough to sell you a computer, and can tell you about gigabytes and DDR-3 , but most of what I’ve learned I googled because a customer had a question and I needed an answer. I don’t have a lot of first hand-experience, and I know more about the hardware and software of a computer than the actual tools and resources you can use on the world wide web.

At this point, I think technology isn’t used to its full potential in our classrooms. A lot of people have mixed feelings towards technology in the classroom, thinking that it takes away or distracts rather than enhances. I’ve always felt there are a lot of ways that technology can be incorporated in a way that enriches students’ learning, I just wasn’t exactly sure what that might look like. I think it’s important for teachers to have a good grasp of what technologies are available to them and how those things (youtube, twitter, etc.) can be used for the benefit of learning.

I am really excited for this class. I am also very overwhelmed. There is a lot of technological resources out there to be used, and it’s just a matter of understanding it and becoming comfortable with it. That is what I hope to gain in this course. I want to see all of the potential benefits for teachers and ways to empower students through the tools of technology.


2 thoughts on “about me.

  1. Hey Kailee,
    I think you say it well when you say ‘At this point, I think technology isn’t used to its full potential in our classrooms’ – that’s a huge part of what I hope to show you here. And, just seeing that your former teacher has joined us here (Hi Shelley) should give you an idea of how education CAN be different now. When does someone stop being your teacher? When do you stop being someone’s teacher? Who is part of your ongoing learning network? These are questions we will strive to answer along the way.

    I’m looking forward to having you in the class!

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