When I was in class today…

Today we spent a lot of time on Youtube.

Which wasn’t maybe the plan, but I feel like I learned a lot today. In a backward sort of way.

On my own, I don’t spend a ton of time on Youtube. I might look up a funny video someone tells me about or something, but it’s not a site I visit often. However, today my eyes were open to what a powerful thing Youtube has become in our global community. You can see everything from a young boy’s desperate cry for acceptance to musical mashups put together by only a kid.

The amount of content is unbelievable and so is the variety. You c an learn how to play a guitar, simply by clicking an icon on your desktop and typing in Youtube. “Simply by clicking an icon on your desktop” – only a short number of years ago did that sentence even come to have meaning. It’s an incredible world we live in. It’s so exciting to see people from all over the world connecting in ways that our grandparents or even parents would have never thought possible.

Youtube is one way that we connect. It was really cool to get even a small glimpse of what that can look like today.


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