Trick or Treating.

A Fairy-Princess, Green Lantern, Spiderman, Superman, and a Clown!

On Halloween I took a family from my daycamp and my 9 year old sister trick or treating. The family from my daycamp had never been before. Funny thing about trick or treating… there is kind of proper etiquette for how it’s done.

Rule #1 – Ring the doorbell once. Not  18 times. It’s halloween, people are expecting you. It’s likely that they’re only inches from their door. Just relax.

Rule #2 – Don’t push. There is 5 of you, you need to take turns… you will all get candy – that is the point.

Rule #3 – Don’t grab the candy. Open your bag and smile like the nice, well-behaved children we all know you are (a small percentage of the time). Nobody wants your grubby hands in their candy bowl.

Rule #4 – Don’t stop other children on the road to see what’s in their bag. You can’t have it. I mean, seriously.

Maybe I’ll write these up and distribute them before we go next year. Even without, it was a very entertaining and enjoyable GONG show 🙂


3 thoughts on “Trick or Treating.

  1. Ha ha! We don’t have Halloween in my country. It began to trickle in, but more as an excuse to party for students than trick or treating for children. I must say I am a bit anxious about how my hubby and I will face Halloween with our kids… both of us knowing nothing about it. I guess it will be a bit like a first Halloween for us too!
    I bet you you never think about it, you mainstream Canadians, you! :D:D:D
    Now I at least have seen some unwritten rules for trick or treating – thanks Kailee! I will still try to get into my kid’s bag and check what they have in there!

  2. Rule #5 – Wear a costume!
    I was handing out candy at my cousins on halloween and some kids had the nerve to show up in a bunny hug and jeans. Not even like a rider jersey or face paint in sight!
    If I have the dedication to dress up as a lion to present you with delicious treats, please impress me with your costume — you’ve gotta put in some effort here!

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