tech task #11 – A neighbourhood walk.

Once upon a time, I was a little girl.

I grew up in this (extremely) little house, with both of my parents, my two brothers and one bathroom.

There is more house behind the tree… kind of.

In this little house my mom had a daycare. So every day, 4 or 5 of us would trek to school together.

My elementary school was really only two or so blocks up the road, and really not a bad walk. But I’m sure I’ll pull out the “ten feet of snow, uphill both ways” to my children at some point.

Eventually we would arrive Ross Elementary School. It was really beautiful inside, but was closed a few years back when the division was making cuts. It was here that I learned long division and how to do the monkey bars. I was a real pro.

On the way home, we’d often detour into Happy Valley with the other neighbourhood kids. It had great slopes for tobogganing in the winter.

Then, we’d stop at Dan’s corner store for penny candies. He always ripped us off, and I’m not even sure why because later he got busted for growing opium. I hear it’s a lucrative business.

Finally, we’d arrive home, our little grown-up-free expedition coming to an end. At least until tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “tech task #11 – A neighbourhood walk.

  1. Thanks for your comment. As for your house I know exactly where that is, as I drive by it every time during Motif when I’m trying to find the entrance to Happy Valley (It’s alot harder than some people realise).

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