third world living?

The other day I came across an article on AOL talking about the state of emergency that has been declared in Attawapiskat, a reserve in Northern Ontario.  I can’t find the original article that I read, but a similar one can be found here.  I really encourage you to read this, or google the community yourself. This youtube video also gives a glimpse of the living conditions in this community.

Learning about what life is like for this group of people blew my mind. Something about it is so devastating to me. I’ve never thought I was ignorant about poverty, I just didn’t realize it existed to this degree in Canada.  As a nation, we can offer assistance to other nations that find themselves in need… but what about our fellow Canadians? How does this happen?

I obviously don’t know all of the history or details behind Attawapiskat, but it has only recently become a hot topic in the news. How did things begin for this community? What could have been done differently along the way to avoid a situation like this? What can we do now to change things? How can we avoid situations like this in the future?

I just wanted to share with you what I’ve stumbled upon. Maybe it’s not as disturbing you as it is to me. I don’t have answers for questions like these. Maybe you do, maybe you could provide me some insight.



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