The good infection.

So, it seems I’ve turned into a bit of a technology evangelist. I like to spread the good news.

I posted yesterday about a teacher that tried to stay away from technology. Today, I talked with  a teacher who wants to learn more. He pretends to be opposed, but I know a few of the things I showed him today caught his eye.

He is an amazing teacher. He is the vice principal of the high school I attended, and he taught me math for gr. 10-12. I had never loved math, but this teacher explained things to me in a way that made sense. He has been hugely influential in my life, and continues to be so.

Today I stopped by to talk technology. This teacher is by no means technologically illiterate, he tries to incorporate youtube and videos that are relevant to his lessons all the time. At the same time, he was curious about what else technology had to offer him and his classroom/school.

I was able to share with him all of the things I’ve been learning this semester. Right away I went onto twitter and asked about students and portfolios. @courosa, @shareski offered insight quickly, and @gcouros even posted a page about the digital portfolio project he is working on in his division – Amazing. Needless to say, my teacher was blown away by the immediate and insightful responses. I showed him my own work-in-progress-portfolio, and talked about how beneficial it’s been to blog.

I spewed a lot of information in the hour that we spent together, enough  to make any person overwhelmed, especially a bit of skeptic. However, I also got a chance to introduce him to Remind101, which he was instantly thrilled with. We created him an account and even practiced a few messages. He’s going to have his students subscribe tomorrow.

I am so excited by what this digital era has to offer. I’m so intrigued by the possibilities. Four months ago, I didn’t even know what Google Docs was. I, by no means, have it figured out. I’ve only begun to stick my toes in the water, but being able to share what I’m learning about technology with somebody else today was exhilarating.

I’ve caught the technology bug. I feel like I have a disease, and I really hope it’s contagious.


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