Teaching Day Numero Uno!

Well, I survived my first day teaching! It even went well.

I struggled this weekend with what to plan. I was given 5 different English classes, and although I got to watch last week, when I sat down this weekend to plan, I was overwhelmed. I had several different curriculums to sort through, and I had a hard time deciding what activities to choose. I didn’t want to plan things that were too hard or too easy, but I also don’t know the kids that well yet, which makes it tricky! They are also a lot younger kids than I’ve worked with in a while, so I really felt out of my element! On top of that, they do a lot of singing…. and I’m a terrible singer.

Somehow though, I managed! Things went pretty smooth, minus I still don’t know a lot of the kids’ names! I feel like I am on such a sharp learning curve – learning the language, learning the city and geography , learning the curriculum, AND everybody’s names! I teach about 100-115 kids every day (I don’t know the actual number, which also made photocopying a huge guessing game…), and probably over half of those kids have names that I can’t pronounce by reading. For example: Jorge. No, not George – “Horhey” – Ummm.. Yikes… Luckily, Hannah, the previous teacher, is still in the room with me for the next few weeks. She is huge help!

The 4 and 5 year olds are doing colours. They got to finish their rainbows from last week, made with tissue paper!

Tissue Paper Rainbows

Terminado! (Finished!)

We are moving onto colours and foods for the remainder of the week! I’m going to bring some fruit from the market for a matching game, and on Thursday, we are going to paint with apples (I have a feeling I will regret this… I have to wear a white shirt to school). We also played a game today where we had a bunch of different coloured objects in a bag, and they had to reach in and pull out an object without looking, telling the class: “it is (colour).” This was actually hilarious, you would have sworn it was Christmas as they pulled out yellow toothpaste, and a blue block, and purple marker, etc. It was the quietest part of the class as they waited for their turn!

Here are the grade ones. Apparently the peace sign is universal and it is learned by age 6 in Peru.

The highlight in grade four today was the discovery that when you push on my pale skin, it turns white. So as I walked by students doing their worksheets, they often grabbed my arm to push on my skin, and watch it turn white and then back normal…. Haha I felt a little like a science experiment, it was bizarrely fascinating to them.

XO – kb


5 thoughts on “Teaching Day Numero Uno!

  1. Use your sunscreen so that you don’t show them how red you can be! 🙂
    I’ll e-mail you about internship. We have a place in Moose Jaw that I think will be really good. This is such a great way to show us all what you are doing. Fascinating.

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