Busy busy busy!

Well, I am currently sweating to the point that I feel like I just did a Jillian Michael’s workout video… Only I don’t have washboard abs to show for it. I spent the afternoon in Chiclayo, which means I have to figure out all my school stuff just now. And it’s dark and cooler, which also means the mosquitoes are vicious. So, in an effort to avoid them, I am wearing a zipped hoodie and jeans and working in the dark. It is definitely not cool enough for that, nor am I coordinated enough to work in the dark. What I’m trying to say is, I will be here a long time tonight!

I love getting to go into the city, but it eats up so much of the day by the time you get back and forth, and everything in between. It also doesn’t help that everyone goes to bed at 8 around here, it makes the day feel so short! We had a busy weekend around here, so I feel like I am still recovering!

On Friday was Claudia’s birthday (my room mate), and she turned 7 years old! We got to have a birthday party, complete with Janet’s homemade chocolate cake! The house downstairs came up, as did the other teachers on the farm. Little Claudia got spoiled, even receiving a Build-A-Bear, that Janet had picked up when she was home in the States. There were lots of giggles and everyone was so wired on pop I’m not sure they slept at all that night!

The Birthday Girl

Saturday, Tom and Carol, the directors of Morning Star, gave the house parents the  day off, and they, along with Katie, Hannah, and I took the kids on the compound on an outing. We first went to see pyramids not far from Chiclayo. While the pictures may look like giant anthills, a closer look reveals the multiple layers, and the adobe that was used to build them. If you get up close to some of the rubble that has eroded, you can find pieces of pottery that was buried in the tombs – very interesting! There was a museum on site as well, but everything was written in Spanish.. So I just took some pictures instead.

Perla & Daphna

After stopping for lunch, we headed to the beach! I was really excited about this part, as I am from the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan. They warned me that it was nothing spectacular, but being a prairie girl, I am easy to please. Anything better than Buffalo Pound is paradise really. And, I wasn’t disappointed! The beach front was complete with little diners and tables selling all sorts of beachy jewellery. The kids were also excited to play in the waves after a long day in the car. The tide was pretty rough, but it didn’t stop them from chasing the waves in and out.

Little Edwin ready for the waves.

The kids were also bizarrely excited to find a dead dolphin washed up on shore. Apparently, dolphins and pelicans have been dying along the northern coast of Peru, and they are still looking into why that is.

Then, we were back to school today after a very busy weekend! I am growing more confident in the classroom, and it has helped learning the kids’ names. I don’t have them all down yet, but I’m getting there! The pre-Ks and kindergarten are learning about animals this week, and today we played the best game (in my opinion). We were outside, and I would hold up the picture of an animal, and the students had to reach the other wall, acting like that animal. While this isn’t actually a “game,” the little kids loved it, and it was highly entertaining for both Hannah and myself. Bryan took this so seriously that he took ages getting to other side as he shuffled and flapped his wings like a bird, or kicked his feet like a horse. I should have taken a video – it was hilarious.

Bryan… the bird.

All the other birds. He’s an original….

Well, I have few more things to photocopy before tomorrow, which will come way too early! Keep you posted!

XO – kb


5 thoughts on “Busy busy busy!

  1. “…everything was written in Spanish, so I just took some pictures instead.” Good to know that the age old adage is still alive and well in Peru… “a picture is worth a thousand words”, whether it’s Spanish or English or whatever!!

  2. Oh, I have heard of mosquitoes!

    I really love reading the updates. You’ve found your calling which is a wonderful thing to have discovered so early in the journey.

    This is completely subjective: At age 3-4, my daughter had an imaginary friend names Perla, a name I’ve never seen in print until this day. If Perla has an especially vivid imagination, she might be related somehow through the cosmos.

    Keep safe and well, Val

  3. Sounds like a fun time so far (except the mosquitoes). But the news of the dead dolphins makes me sad. I hope it is nothing serious but my experiences tell me the dead animals are a symptom of a major issue. Our oceans are just becoming far too polluted.

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