Wrapping up!

Okay, so I had to blog about my visit with Irene, but since then, lots has happened! My last week in Ferrenafe flew by. I left Ferrenafe on Friday, and I knew it would be hard to say good bye, but I really had no idea how sad it would be! I loved the teaching I was able to do, and I loved all of the incredible people I was able to work with. On top of that, saying good bye to Claudia and Perla, the little girls I shared a room with, was just plain awful. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything in the world, but good byes are always hard.

Here are the classes I had the opportunity to teach:

The 4 year olds

The 5 year olds

Grade one

Grade two (I told you they were a handful!)

Grade four

I will miss them all! There are lots of things I will miss. I will miss the kids, in the school and in the home. I will miss this face:

As a part of my legacy, I taught the kids to make this face. And, also to cross their eyes. Such an impact I had…. Haha.

I will miss being tall. Most Peruvians are not very tall. Usually, I look like a giant. I am 5’4.

Just call me Goliath.

I will not miss the dead chickens at the market, or the huge slabs of meat that smell funny and sit all day in the heat.

Mmmmm yummy..

Friday, I travelled with a family to Cusco. Or, attempted to. Our flight was delayed 4 hours, causing us to mix our connection in Lima. My ticket was with a different airline, so I was going to have to buy a whole new ticket. When the gentleman told me that a new ticket would cost $220, I just about died. I may have cried a little, and he changed it to $50. I am unashamed. We also got put up in a beautiful hotel for the night, and my new buddy, Elle and I had a “girl sleepover.”

Living the dream.

Our view

So, we finally arrived in Cusco yesterday. It is absolutely stunning here. The city is built right into the mountains, and our hotel is right in the main square. I love it. Unfortunately, I got really sick last night and today from the altitude. This is pretty common, but definitely awful. I slept most of the day today, and hopefully I will be feeling better before Tuesday when we are set to see Machu Picchu.

My roomies while in Cusco. We decided that we are the family from Peter Pan. I am Wendy, and Elle is Tinkerbell.

The main square

Some of the beautiful architecture 

XO – kb


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