For our presentation, Cecilia and I chose to research the use of peer and self assessment. We learned a number of things through this assignment.

  • The handout for our presentation is available Here
  • The powerpoint for our presentation is available Here
  • The lesson plan for the presentation, complete with data collection, is available Here
  • The process paper regarding the our decisions for the lesson is available Here

Below is a video from Precision Teaching that shows student self assessment in action. It is a great example of successful self assessment, where the learner is able to take ownership over their own learning.

Some further resources on the value of self and peer assessment include:

Self, Peer and Teacher Assessment as Active Learning Methods – Elisa Amo & Francisco Jareño:

Can Online Peer Assessment be Trusted? – L’hadi Bouzidi and Alain Jaillet:

Education students and their teachers: comparing views on participative assessment practices – Christine Brewa, Philip Riley and Caroline Walta: Full text not available online

In summary… 

My personal ideas about this topic changed entirely as this presentation unfolded. To be honest, I didn’t think peer or self assessment was particularly useful or effective. However, I’ve now learned that when it follows specific guidelines set with input from students, it can be extremely beneficial and very accurate to how a teacher would typically mark something anyway. It returns again to including students, as I’ve mentioned so many times. The resources above give great insight into this method of assessment.

I even used self-assessment in a student writing assignment during my pre-internship, with very favourable results. The students had multiple journal entries during my three weeks, and at the beginning, they were given an assignment page with a description of the assignment and a rubric. They were asked to choose one journal to hand in at the end, along with the grade they thought they deserved. Students loved this idea, and were motivated to do well. After having them sit with us and explain why they thought they deserved a certain grade, we were typically very satisfied with their choice and reasons. I will continue to use grading policies like this in the future.


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